Winter Holidays

These fun products help keep you in the mood all season long!

When I created each of these items it was for a specific reason, like the Scarves--they are warm & cozy with a touch of style.  
The Mini-Christmas Stockings are fun and can be worn every day in December to share your Christmas Spirit. 
 The Holly pins are also a simple way to be festive and stylish at the same time!  
Pick one or all of them for the Holiday Season.
R Designs' Mini-Christmas Stockings are adorable and they ALWAYS draw compliments from the people around the wearer.  The first thing people notice is how CUTE they are, and the first question they always ask is: "where did you get that?" followed by, "where can I get one?"
$ 5.00 each
Averaging only about 3 inches tall, Mini- Christmas Stockings come in a variety of Holiday designs and colors.
They are a one-of-a-kind, handcrafted creation of R Designs.
They are a great gift item for friends and family and they are easy to pin to your favorite blouse or ugly Christmas sweater.
Its one of the funnest ways to accessorize for the Holiday Season!