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Beach Bags are approximately 18" X 19"
$25.00 each 

Beach Bag Roses with Stripes

Beach Bag with Red Anchors

Beach Bag with Paris Pockets

Beach Bag with Black and White Stripes and Rose Pockets

Beach Bag with Pink Bandana

Beach Bag with Roses, Stripes and Grey

R Designs specializes in handcrafted housewares and essential lifestyle accessories.  WE created the Earpiece Pocket--a place to store your cellphone earpiece while driving, the
Fridge Pocket--that goes right on your refrigerator with a pocket to hold several pens/pencils & a note pad for easy access, and the Cell Phone Pocket--A handy & stylish
sleeve for your phone .
R Designs also handcrafts BEVERAGE COASTERS, sunglass cases with matching makeup bags, as well as unique
beach bags!
Also, don't forget to accessorize with our seasonal items when the holiday's come around!!

The Orginal Earpiece Pocket

The Earpiece pocket was created as an easy way to store your cellphone earpiece on the dashboard of your car when not in use. 
However, since the age of bluetooth arrived the earpiece pocket now is being used for much
much more! 
Use the Earpiece Pocket to store your loose change, some business cards, maybe a drive-thru coupon or a buck or two.  Its practical and fun!

About the designers
About R Designs
The designers at R Designs are always coming up with new and creative ideas for the every day person. 
We see a need and try to create an item that will help solve that need. 
Please check back often for our new products!
I started this company back in 2009 with the idea of the Earpiece Pocket. In 2016, R Designs decided to change their name from SRP Designs to R Designs. The R Designs brand better describes the company and its employees. 
We want to share our ideas and products with you to make life just a little bit easier--or at least prettier!  We make all our products by hand and try to keep as much as possible in stock.  Some fabric I will need to order so that is what can take up to 6 weeks to ship it out.  If you are local here in Bullhead City, I would be glad to deliver it directly to you.

The Fridge Pocket

The Fridge Pocket was created so I would always have a pen handy in the kitchen--to create a grocery list, jot down a phone number, etc.. I am a note taker and I'm constantly looking for a pen. 
Now, a pen is always there right on my fridge!  You can also store a note pad in the Fridge Pocket to go with the pen, along with coupons, business cards and so on!


Beverage Coasters are always useful.
These come in fun and colorful designs.  You can put the base of your favorite wine glass in it, so that wherever your wine glass goes, the coaster goes with it!

Sold in sets of 4, these fashionable coasters can also be used like the traditional coaster--by simply placing your glass or mug right on top!

Cell Phone Pockets
These unique Cell Phone Pockets have several uses.  With the use of the original clip that hooks to the vent of your vehicle you can clip the Cell Phone Pocket right to it so your phone is right in front of you.  There is a space at the bottom for your cord to attach for easy charging while you drive.  You can take your Cell Phone Pocket with you, just unclip it and hang it on your matching lanyard (sold separatly) or put it in your purse.  Once you enter your vehicle you clip it right back on.

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